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Laboratory Testing – Quality & Safety Tested Hemp Oil

For us, at Nutralife Wellness™ our costumer’s safety and trust are of highest priority. We are very serious about the quality of our products. Our costumer’s trust is the most valuable to us. We are committed to protect and grow the trust our customers invest in our hemp oil products and us at Nutralife Wellness™.

Everyone at Nuturalife Wellness™ has a true passion for hemp oil and our products. We invest a great deal of effort and resources to ensure that our hemp oil products are made from only the highest quality of hemp extract. Coming from organically grown certified U.S. and European hemp. From the plant to extract, we are making sure of the quality all the way throughout the manufacturing and safety testing process.

Our hemp oil undergoes a rigorous process of quality control and testing, using the latest scientific methods. Our hemp extract products are laboratory tested to ensure that they are all free of bacteria, pesticides, mold, solvents, and other contaminants. Furthermore, tests are performed to ensure that all oils are uniform and do not differ in the ingredients.

Our Quality Guarantee

We have saved no costs or effort to make sure our hemp oil extract is produced in a highly specialized laboratory. The result is a selection of hemp oil supplements that are of the best quality.

The Laboratory we are working with is committed to our high quality and safety standards, to producing for us a rich and consistent hemp oil extract. The Laboratory is specialized in Supercritical Fluid Extraction. Their equipment is state of the art and the staff is made up by experienced chemists and specialized laboratory technicians. The laboratory meets all expectations of the biotech industry. Its strict hygiene and quality standards, their use of the latest scientific methods, their precision, reliability, and compliance with regulations and laws meet all our expectations.

“We are passionate about every detail of the process of producing our hemp oil extract.”

The Supercritical Fluid Extraction / CO2 Extraction is the most sophisticated method of professionally producing Hemp oil extract. In this special process, supercritical CO2 (carbon dioxide) gas is used in natural product extraction. It offers the possibility to separate materials from each other selectively and with great care.

The gentle decarboxylation is the best method to obtain hemp extract. This method preserves many of the plant’s active molecules, is environmentally friendly and sustainable. This method allows a hemp oil extract which chemical composition is as close as possible to that of a living plant. The extracts are tested and standardized by content, ensuring a safe hemp oil extract of high quality with all its beneficial properties intact.

The CO2 extraction is classified as “generally recognized as safe” by the US Food and Drug Administration.

Full Traceability & Transparency

We at Nutralife Wellness™ care about our customers and to always deliver on what we stand for. High quality, safe hemp oil products our customers can trust. Everything we do is because our customers only deserve the best.

Below we explore the transparency of our processes:

“We are committed to full traceability and transparency of our processes and products.”

  • Starting with the actual plant, where and how it is grown. We are sourcing the raw plant material only from organically grown U.S. and European hemp. Certified quality hemp from experienced farmers dedicated to environment-friendly farming.
  • Making sure raw materials are certified according to their origin. That there is an optimal preservation method applied during transport and storage.
  • Finding and partnering with the most advanced hemp oil extract manufacturing laboratory. Specialist in the most sophisticated and sufficient extraction method. Using the environment-friendly and sustainable Supercritical Fluid Extraction/CO2 Extraction. Every extract is tested and standardized by content. Guaranteeing a consistent and safe hemp oil extract.
  • Testing and accrediting our hemp oil extract by a third party laboratory. Ensuring our hemp oil extract and production process is flawless.
  • Quality testing and analyzing our own hemp oil extract before and during product development.
gold hemp oil drops

We at Nutralife Wellness™ consider it our duty to have each batch of manufactured hemp oil extract accredited and tested by a third party laboratory for our costumers to have that extra feeling of insurance.

We still went even one step further and build our own, modern, high standardized, fully equipt in-house laboratory. We only use the latest scientific methods for control testing and product development. This requires in-depth knowledge and specialized equipment, which we are proud to have at Nutralife Wellness™. The combination of true passion, knowledge and the right equipment sets us apart from our competitors. We are highly motivated and well set up to become your hemp oil go-to source.

“Our Certificates of Analysis, or COA’s, determine if our hemp extract is free of any harmful elements and contains the right amount of beneficial Hemp Extract compounds.”

Laboratory Testing and Analyses

There are four extensive tests performed on our hemp oil extract:

The first important test is the potency test: It is performed to determine the levels of hemp extract in the product. Hemp does not just contain one chemical compound. The laboratory testing is needed to determine the concentrations of all these compounds and the potency of the hemp extract.

Microbiological tests are performed: to ensure that there were no harmful bacteria or mold on the hemp plants. Pathogens present on the plants can be transferred into the oil. Too high levels of it in the body can negatively affect your health.

Residual solutions: A complete laboratory test should also include analysis of residual solvents. Solvents are used when the plants are processed and turned into oils, powders or other products. But only for the solvent-containing extraction process. There should be no excessive concentrations of solvents such as ethanol, propane, carbon dioxide or acetone.

Terpene test: performed to identify those compounds that identify the color and distinctive flavors of hemp plants. Terpenes are aromatic oils that give flavors such as mint, berry, citrus or pine. Terpenes are also believed to have health benefits.

hemp oil Microbiological tests

These extensive tests provide critical information about more than the content of the hemp extract. They prove the quality, consistency, and safety of a hemp oil product. We have a high appreciation for the testing and analyses of our products.

When It Comes To Hemp Oil ~ Every Part Matters

Our always consistent test results confirm to us our hard and persistent work is worth it. We are monitoring and tracking every step of the hemp oil extract production process. From certified organic hemp farming, ideal transporting conditions, most advanced extraction processes, in-house formulation and manufacturing to third-party laboratory testing. Every part matters to produce and ensure our hemp oil products are of the highest quality. We have put everything into a highly controlled hemp oil extract production line. Inspired and driven by always having our customer’s safety, satisfaction and trust in mind.

Have more questions about our Hemp Oil Quality and Safety Testing? Please feel free to contact our friendly hemp oil experts by calling 858-221-4676 or visit our FAQ page for more information about Nutralife Wellness™. If you are interested in our wholesale program then click here.