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CBD Oil Wholesale Program Perks:

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– Custom Formulation

– Dedicated Account Managers

– Product Training

– Certificate of Analysis

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Our CBD oil wholesale program is designed to make selling our hemp extract products as easy and profitable as possible. Go ahead and fill out your information in the form to see for yourself.

We offer greatly reduced prices for bulk orders for all Nutralife Labs™ products. This presents a great option for retail stores, online stores, and health professionals. Being passionate and proud of the production of our hemp oil products, you can buy from Nutralife Labs™ knowing that you get the best quality at the best wholesale price.

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About Joining Nutralife Labs™ Wholesale Program

We specialize in manufacturing of bulk and wholesale hemp oil products like; Full Spectrum Hemp Oil, Isolate-Filtered Hemp Oil, Organic Hemp Oil, Lab Tested Hemp Oil, Pure Hemp Oils, Hemp Oil Capsules, Hemp Oil Tinctures, Hemp Oil Droppers, Hemp Oil Edibles, Hemp Oil Creams, Hemp Oil for Animals and PetsWholesale Hemp Oil, White Label Hemp Oil, Private Label, Hemp Oil Manufacturing, and Custom Made Hemp Oil Finished Products.

Become a CBD Oil Wholesale Partner with Nutralife Labs™

Headquartered in San Diego, California, Nutralife Labs™ is a well-established manufacturer and distributor of hemp-extract products, and a trusted wholesale CBD oil brand across all retailers. We pride ourselves on our ambition and goals, and we know that our dreams will remain dreams without the most key component: you.

From our aggressive margins, to our service-focused team and in-house formulation that ensures not only consistency but also innovation, we prioritize you at every major touchpoint.

We look to the future. This applies both to our wholesale CBD oil products and to our partners with whom we work together. We are always looking for potential new partners who would give us the opportunity to expand our wholesale product range and offer even better products to our customers. Our range includes finished/formulated hemp oil retail products, raw hemp extract, and isolates.

Why Sign Up for a Nutralife Labs™ Wholesale Program

At Nutralife Labs™, we want to change the world with you. We supply our wholesale CBD oil products all throughout the United States of America to pharmaceutical companies, wholesalers, online shops as well as to the cosmetics, food, and pet industry.

For each product batch, a certificate of analysis is created. This shows that we performed tests to check the content of hemp extract and other cannabinoids in our products. In addition, all products shipped by us are tested to determine the microbiological and chemical purity as well as the content of residues.

Enriching your products with quality tested hemp extract can bring great benefits to your business. Instead of having to develop and execute the entire production process, which costs time and money, and is confronted with the need to comply with a set of rigorous standards, you’d better find out in what way Nutralife Labs™ could help you.

Not 100% sold yet on our wholesale product offering? Then provide us with a chance to prove it to you. Go ahead and fill out your information in the form above, offer us 5 minutes of your time, and you can decide yourself.

Signing up for a wholesale account with Nutralife Labs™ is easy.

If you have any further questions about our wholesale program or require more information not listed on this page, then feel free to contact us and talk with one of our account managers for a non-binding insight into our wholesale hemp oil product range! We will cover all the possibilities of partnering with Nutralife Labs™.

We hold you and your business in the same esteem we hold our personal success because when our customers win, everyone wins.


Products Available for Wholesale


CBD Tinctures

We offer a wide variety of tinctures, including Full Spectrum, ISO-filtered and flavored options.


CBD Gummies

By far the most demanded CBD product are gummies. Our gummies are made from scratch. They are fully infused and not sprayed, or treated like most other gummies. A fully infused gummy will provide a consistent and effective CBD serving.


CBD Creams

We currently offer four creams: Calming Relief with lavender, perfect for everyday discomforts; Capsaicin Cream, which provides warm pain relief; Broad Spectrum Cream, which aids in reducing pain and inflammation; and Anti Aging Cream, featuring green tea and aloe extracts for penetrating moisture.


CBD Massage Oils

Free of perfumes, additives, and toxic chemicals. Gentle enough to use daily for muscle soreness. Strong enough to work on sore muscles but light enough to not be sticky. Leaves your skin feeling like a satin sheet.
Available in Lavender, Menthol, Rose and Sensitive Skin.

CBD Scrubs

Our scrubs remove impurities, like dirt and excess oil to leave the skin invigorated and energized. Scrub off dead skin cells and make way for that fresh, new, just-left-the-spa feel.


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