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We love and adore our pets. They are seen as part of our families and we care deeply and full heartedly for them. And when they do not feel well, we will spare no effort to help them improve their well being again. It’s often not that easily done, and we spend a lot of time, worry, trial and error before we find something that works well for the complaints of our pet. The popularity of hemp oil for dogs and cats as a natural herbal supplement is growing explosively. Hemp extract has many health benefits. Many people use it every day to maintain and optimize their own and their pet’s health.


Like humans, mammals too possess an endogenous cannabinoid system, the ECS. That’s why hemp oil supplements are not just very beneficial to you, but also your pet. The four main tasks of the ECS are neuroprotection (the attempt to prevent nerve cells from dying), stress regeneration, immune balance, and homeostatic regulation.

The hemp oil extract compounds react with and stimulate certain ECS receptors and improve the body’s function. The ECS in our and our pets bodies is now considered one of the essential physiological systems regarding maintaining and achieving good health. Hemp oil is directly supplementing the ECS and helping it to work more efficiently. Supporting and maintaining overall health and balance within your pet’s body.


Many pet owners wonder whether hemp oil is also suitable for their pet. Some might fear to give it to theirs due to the cannabis origin of hemp oil. But Hemp oil extract is not psychoactive. Hemp oil pet products from Nutralife Wellness™ are made from industrial hemp, it’s accredited and lab tested for its chemical compounds, toxins, and appearance of solvents. Our pet products are regarded as non-psychoactive and safe.

Therefore, taking hemp oil in its isolated and concentrated form within nutritional supplements will not be harmful to your pet’s health. It has been shown that hemp oil extract is safe both in vitro (in cell cultures) and in vivo (in living organisms such as animals and humans).

It is just very important to make sure to only use high-quality products, which are accredited and fully lab tested. In fact, inadequate supplements often contain harmful chemicals and other undesirable ingredients that are bad for the health of your pet in the long term.

We generally recommend discussing the use of hemp oil with your veterinarian before giving it to your pet. Especially if your pet has to take prescribed medication you should get a professional opinion on how the hemp oil might interact with the medication your pet is already taking.


We know from our section “HOW DOES HEMP OIL WORK FOR MY PET?” that hemp oil can be as helpful to pets as it is to humans. The body of your pet is built to be able to benefit from the positive properties of the hemp oil supplements.


Hemp oil extract could be very good for your dog or cat, supporting and maintaining overall health and balance within the body of your pet.


Even pets in the best possible physical condition can benefit from the health-promoting properties of hemp oil.


Out of real care, we want to mention again that hemp oil may be beneficial, but may also interact with some medications. Before you decide to give your pet hemp oil, you should consult your veterinarian to find out if it would benefit your dog or cat.


You will find a lot more in-depth information and examples on this page regarding hemp oil and its possible positive impact on the health of your pet, also on how to use and dosage hemp oil dog and cat tinctures.


Hemp oil can help the body of your pet to self-regulate and restore a state of homeostasis.


As described in the beginning, the receptors of the ECS are actively facilitating overall health and balance in the body, in all important systems. It’s your pets main physiological systems regarding maintaining and achieving good health.


The natural compounds of hemp oil extract are able to uniquely support and have a great impact on the efficiency of the bodywide health promoting system. The range of application of hemp oil pet products is therefore very wide.

What does hemp oil help my dog or cat with?


– Helps maintain healthy bone and joint function.
– Helps maintain cardiovascular function.
– Helps support the immune system.
– Helps reduce the negative effects of stress.
– Supports neurological functions.

Hemp oil is helpful with joint function and healthy bones. It is responsible to think of what commonly might come for your dog or cat with age. Joint function and healthy bones will be very likely on your list, especially if you have a dog of a large breed but also possible if you have a small dog or a cat, especially if your cat is or shows signs of becoming overweight. Hemp oil can help as a supplement to increase your pet’s mobility and quality of life.

What possible effects can hemp oil have on my dog or cat?


Following just a few small examples of what you possibly can expect from giving hemp oil to your pet.

– Coping better with other pets
– Reducing stress

– Relaxing pets before the vet visit
– Increased appetite


When we wanted to bring the benefits of hemp oil also to pets all across the country, we realized right away that simply giving your pet the same hemp products designed for humans does not yield the same desired results.


So we passionately researched, sourced, formulated, tested and optimized our all natural pet hemp oil product line. We started with tinctures, as we are very proud of the high quality and likeability of our all natural pet supplements. Our hemp oil pet products contain no parabens, polysorbates, or artificial emulsifiers. They are soy-free, gluten-free, naturally derived and made with organic ingredients.


Our original formulation was inspired by the primary challenge every pet owner goes through. Getting your pet to willingly take a supplement. We noticed how many supplementary pet products contain artificial flavorings (bacon, cheese, chicken, to name a few).


We decided to not compromise our all natural brand and vision and incorporate a natural ingredient for your dog’s pallet to be delighted. Vast amounts of research led us to the number 1 natural ingredient dogs love tasting. Premium organic peanut oil. Dogs absolutely love it, the taste really makes this supplement a treat.


Following just a few small examples of what beneficial effects hemp oil can have on your dog.

– Increased appetite
It’s worrying when your dog just does not eat. Hemp oil has often been found to stimulate appetite in dogs/pets.


– Stress relief
Hemp oil can help with the negative effects of stress and can help with excessive barking or crying, separation stress, and tense restless discomfort while driving.


– Relaxation & sleep aid
For dogs, which do not come to rest in the evening, hemp oil is well suited for relaxation and sleep promotion.


Hemp oil can improve the negative effects of stress. Similar to how hemp oil can help to resolve stress effects in humans, so can it help dogs. Dogs which easily stress may be prone to excessive barking and destructive behavior. Some dogs are very stressed when they are alone at home and manifest strange behaviors to cope with it. Many dogs get stressed by thunder or storm or loud noises. Sometimes that can also trigger aggressive behavior. Hemp oil can help the dog to be internally calmer, more relaxed and less stressed and to cope therefore better with the stress of the external environment.


Our proprietary blend of Iso-Filtered hemp oil, avocado oil, and catnip is a supplement your cat will love taking.


With our cat formula, not only does your cat experience all the benefits of the hemp extract, but both additional ingredients positively serve your feline friend as well. We chose catnip to amplify the playful effects of our hemp extract, and avocado oil is a liver-friendly vessel to carry these two dynamic ingredients.


Following just a few small examples of what beneficial effects hemp oil can have on your cat.


– Increased appetite
Cats tend to be very picky about their food. Many cats eat only canned or soft food, only dry or freshly prepared food and refuse any changes in their diet. Hemp oil could help to stimulate their appetite, even for new chosen food.


– Helps maintain cardiovascular function
Especially older cats and cats which are overweight can profit from the benefits hemp oil can provide to maintain the cardiovascular functions.


– Supports coat and skin
Your cat’s fur and skin tell a lot about its well being. Due to the Avocado Oil being the carrier of our hemp oil for cats, and therefore containing vitamin E, it may help to improve and protect the skin.


Hemp oil can improve your cat’s appetite. As a cat owner, you might have made the frustrating experience wanting to change your cat’s diet, as an example, for health reasons. But your cat refuses to eat healthier food. Hemp oil dropped into your cat’s mouth before feeding might help. The possible increase in appetite could help your cat to be less picky and could get your cat to be able to change possible unhealthy eating habits. Most cats also suffer from appetite lost being sick or in pain. Hemp oil could support their recovery time by increasing their appetite in times of your cat not feeling well.


Our Hemp oil for dogs and cats is easy to administer. The pipette/dropper of the tincture bottle lets you really have control of each drop and so of the exact amount of hemp oil you give to your pet.


Hemp oil is usually given orally, which means that the simplest type of treatment is to administer them directly into the mouth of your dog or cat using a pipette. However, this could be a challenge for dogs who misbehave or stubborn cats.

The most popular way to use hemp oil for your dogs and cats is to drip it onto a treat or over their meals. Wait a few minutes for the oil to draw in, hemp oil extract has no fast-acting chemical compounds.

In addition, you can apply the hemp oil directly to the back of the gum line/cheek or the middle of the tongue with a hand-feeding syringe, a plastic dropper or silicone feeding tip. For problems such as minor wounds, rashes, sores, and hot spots, the use of hemp oil as an ointment may be helpful.

If all of these methods do not work, you should try to administer the drops in a bowl of water. Keep in mind that this is only the last resort. This method really doesn’t guarantee your pet to get its full serving. The oil drops could easily splash out of a bowl, end up in your pets fur or your pet might just not finish its water.


There may be some trial and error in finding the right serving for your pet. Start with a low serving size of 1 milligram per 10 pounds of body weight. Some complaints may require more of the hemp oil extract. If necessary, go up to 5 milligrams per 10 pounds of body weight.


We recommend a low serving size given 1-2 times a day, that is usually more therapeutically beneficial than a high dosage all at once.


We also want to point out again that we recommend discussing the use of hemp oil with your veterinarian before giving it to your pet. Especially when your pet has prescribed medications.

Directions of use for dogs:


250 mg Hemp Oil, 1 fl oz / 30 ml Tincture Bottle
Shake Well Before Use

0-25lbs Dogs – 1/2 Dropper / 0.5ml – Once a Day
26-50lbs Dogs – 1/2 Dropper / 0.5ml – 1-2 Times Daily

Directions of use for dogs:


750 mg Hemp Oil, 2 fl oz / 60 ml Tincture Bottle:
Shake Well Before Use

25-49lbs Dogs – 1/2 Dropper / 0.5ml – Once a Day
50+lbs Dogs – 1/2 Dropper / 0.5ml – 1-2 Times Daily

Directions of use for cats:


300 mg Hemp Oil, 1 fl oz / 30 ml Tincture Bottle
Shake Well Before Use

0-9lbs Cats – 1/4 Dropper / 0.25ml – Once a Day
10+lbs Cats – 1/4 Dropper / 0.25ml – Twice a Day



Overall, Hemp oil extract is an excellent pet supplement as it can maintain overall health and homeostasis. Hemp oil extract can play a major role in benefitting your pet’s health, from puppy to senior dog, from kitten to aging cat.