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Choosing the Best CBD Products for Your Business

Choosing the Best CBD Products for Your Business


Many businesses, including retailers, natural brands, and wellness services, are looking to enter the trending CBD market, but don’t know which products will fit with their customers’ needs. With so many choices, how do you choose the best CBD product? Here, we take a look at the types of products that are available and help you choose the best products for your business. 

Why Join the CBD Industry? 

CBD has become popular as a wellness product among consumers as word spreads of its benefits when used daily. The CBD market has boomed in the past few years, and major industry analysts Arcview Market Research and BDS Analytics anticipate that the CBD market in the U.S. will break $20 billion in sales by 2024. That represents a nearly 50 percent compound annual growth rate. With such growing demand, now is the best time to break into the CBD market. 

What is CBD?

Derived from the hemp plant, CBD (cannabidiol) is the hottest trending wellness product on the market today. One of over 100 cannabinoids found in cannabis plants like hemp, CBD interacts with special receptors located throughout the body. 

These receptors are part of the body’s endocannabinoid system. Also known as the ECS, this self-regulatory system is tasked with keeping the body in balance, allowing for optimized performance. 

Once CBD hemp oil is extracted from the hemp plant, it can be further refined or formulated as-is into a wide range of different CBD product types, including topicals, ingestibles, and vapes.  

Types of CBD Products

CBD is a versatile ingredient, allowing for a number of different CBD product types. It is important to consider your customers and the types of CBD products that would appeal to them the most. This will ensure the greatest success in the CBD market. 

Will your customers use your CBD product internally or externally? Do they want premeasured CBD servings or prefer flexibility? Will your products be flavored or natural? Knowing the answers to these questions will be essential to choosing CBD products for your business. 

CBD Tinctures

CBD tinctures are made by blending CBD oil or CBD isolate with a carrier, such as MCT oil, glycerin, or alcohol to create a liquid CBD product. Tinctures can be left unflavored, sweetened with ingredients like stevia, or flavored with natural or artificial flavors to increase their palatability. CBD tinctures are taken by spray or dropper in the mouth, usually under the tongue. 

CBD Capsules

CBD can also be formulated into capsules and gelcaps. Easily consumed with a beverage or glass of water, capsules are favored for their ease of use, making them a top seller for many brands. 

CBD Edibles/Beverages

CBD oil and CBD isolate are also available mixed into edibles and beverages, including chocolates, hard candies, gummies, coffees and teas, sodas, and more. These products make taking CBD fun and tasty and are a great way to set your brand apart. 

CBD Topicals

One of the most accessible types of CBD products on the market are the many different lotions, balms, and other skin and hair products on the market. Because they are applied to the skin instead of ingested, topicals are a common first product for those new to CBD to try. 


When formulated into vape oil or liquid, sometimes called “vape juice”, CBD can be heated by a specially designed vaporizer to its vaporization point, creating a cloud of inhalable vapor. Consumers prefer vapes for their fast and discreet use. They can be formulated to be flavored with terpenes and other natural flavors. 

How Can I Add CBD Products to My Business

Nutralife Labs offers three options for helping your business enter the CBD market: wholesale, white-label, and custom formulation. Regardless of which route you choose, our team will be with you every step of the way to make sure your business is successful.

You can choose to distribute Nutralife Wellness CBD products through our wholesale program. This is a great option for retailers (both online and brick & mortar) who are looking to offer an established CBD brand to their customers. 

If you have your own brand, then we suggest our white label CBD products. These market-proven products are of the highest quality. We also package and label your products so that they are ready for the shelves when delivered to you. 

Nutralife Wellness Labs is also equipped to take on your custom CBD product formulations. Whether you are looking to add CBD capsules, gummies, tinctures, topicals, or all of the above to your product line, are looking for a traditional CBD product or have a radical idea for something innovative, our experienced team can bring your concepts to reality. 

Get Started

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