CBD Oil Manufacturing

CBD Oil Manufacturing Made Simple

Are you sick of calling a CBD oil manufacturer only to find out they have a single SKU, 30,000 unit limit with a 6 month lead time? You are not alone. We have been there, and recognized this industry’s need for a manufacturer for everyone; from the multi-million dollar company all the way to the side hustle champion.


We are that manufacturer.


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Why Choose Nutralife Labs™ as your CBD Oil Manufacturer

We actually care…no really!


We know too much about those companies whose idea of service is just to simply throw a receipt at you, toss some ingredients into a bottle, ship them to your front door, and wait for you to reorder.


Starting from the very first call with us, you will have a dedicated team working on your specific concept and brand. Our core focus is having your business in mind with every decision throughout the manufacturing process. We will collaborate with you, advise you, and perfect your concept, taking it from that million dollar idea scribbled onto a napkin all the way to a full line of products.


From A to Z and everything in between. We make sure you are getting the most value we can possibly provide at every turn. If you think this is just a great marketing pitch, put us to the test, and give us a call. We dare you. We implore you to. You will be happy you did.

While we are too realistic to deny the challenges that can and will come up in the manufacturing process, we are too stubborn to believe they cannot be solved with an extra dollop of elbow grease and a healthy amount of midnight oil burnt.

We are an ACTUAL manufacturer!



Every single product we create is developed, formulated, tested, and manufactured in San Diego, CA. Frankly, we have worked hard to put together the team that takes eliminates outsourcing and reduces as many variables as humanly possible, and we are happy to flex a little.


Our hands touch every step of the manufacturing process to ensure quality, reliability, efficacy, and scalability. On top of this, we operate with a full open door policy, offering you transparency and advice throughout the entire process. We will take a large scale look at your entire project. At each step in the process, we will look for every chance we can find to minimize your cost of goods while maintaining or even improving the efficacy of your product.

Our entire company and business model is created to always keep our customers’ best interest at the forefront of our minds with every step we take.

No BS. No run around.
Just transparency.


There is never a one-size-fits-all solution to manufacturing and product development. Should you get in touch with any manufacturer trying to tell you there is… run the other direction. That is not how we operate here at Nutralife Labs™.


With us, you will know where your project is every step of the way. If we ever run into any hiccups, we will offer multiple solutions, and always keep the ball rolling. You will get a set time when your product will be delivered and we will not miss our mark.


That is the level of authenticity and care we put into work. If ever and whenever you need help, we are only a call, text, email, smoke signal, or carrier pigeon away.

We love nothing more than to watch the brands we work with continually crush their quotas and expand their product offering.

Have an idea, but don’t know what to do next? No problem!

We have a lot of experience in the reality that contrary to popular belief, “million dollar ideas” are oftentimes actually a dime a dozen. We take every creator – whether they have a fully-fleshed out novel that just needs to be published or they are someone with the very beginning of an idea that needs all the help of a full-on muse, editor, cheerleader, and branding expert all in one.


This means we have you covered when it comes to sourcing ingredients, finding the right packaging and labeling, strategizing on product launch ideas, and what the future looks like.


Work with us comes without ego, without ulterior motives, and without anything but your interest at heart.

It takes a village.


If you are still not convinced, we saved our secret weapon for last. We have no shame when we say that she provides the secret sauce that makes our entire business model work.


Our in-house formulator has over 15 years experience in the natural product world and has been working with hemp for the last 5 years and happily takes her fine-tooth comb through every formulation questionnaire and provides the necessary dimension to make sure manufacturer, account executive, and customer win.


If you are looking for someone who has the skills and experience to work with any budget, any ingredient request (love agar-agar and Boswellia? She does too!), and all types of products for all types of uses, pack your bags.


Because you have finally found your new home with us. Welcome. It is good to have you.

We have you covered when it comes to sourcing ingredients, finding the right packaging and labeling, strategizing on product launch ideas, and what the future looks like.