CBD Business opportunities

Opportunities In CBD: How To Enter the CBD Market

Smart businesses and savvy entrepreneurs are rushing to claim their slice of the ever expanding CBD market – and for good reason. Potentially hitting $20 billion in the next few years, the CBD market is one of the fastest growing sectors in the U.S. economy, meaning the CBD opportunities are endless.

Is your company ready to meet your customers’ demands for CBD products? Are you looking for the next big business opportunity? Do you want to include CBD in your established brand? Here are just a few ways in which Nutralife Wellness Labs is able to help you break into the CBD market. 

Sell an Established Brand 

One of the easiest ways to enter the CBD market is by wholesaling an already established brand like Nutralife Wellness. This choice is perfect for retailers, wellness professionals like massage therapists, and businesses like yoga studios, gyms, and spas looking to provide their customers with top quality CBD and hemp oil products. Our popular commercial brand offers both a CBD infused skin care line and a selection of pure hemp oil droppers

Nutralife Wellness hemp oil droppers are the best way for your customers to add CBD to their system each day. Available in a choice of Raw Unfiltered, Full Spectrum, and Iso Filtered, our one ounce droppers make it easy to drip servings of hemp oil under the tongue. These products are popular with health foods stores, nutrition product retailers, gyms, and more. 

Our skin care line features face and body scrub and functional hemp oil creams. Formulated to maximize the effects of CBD, these innovative face and body care products can be used for smoother, healthier looking skin, to relieve dry and itchy skin, and for tight and aching muscles and joints. Consider carrying these products in your spa, beauty salon, or massage business. 

Sell White Label Products Under Your Own Brand

Already have a great idea for an original CBD brand or want to add CBD products to your established wellness or beauty line, then white label CBD and hemp oil products from Nutralife Wellness Labs are for you. We can save you the cost and effort necessary to formulate new products by offering label-ready products. 

Our market proven CBD products are ready for retail and are only waiting for your brand name and logo to make them complete. We can help walk your company through the branding process for our white label products and give you tips for successfully selling your branded CBD products to your customers or clients. 

Get Custom Formulations of New CBD Products

Whether you have a dream of creating your own CBD products, but don’t know where to start, or are just looking for a manufacturer without ridiculous minimum orders and long lead times, Nutralife Wellness Labs is the formulation partner you’ve been looking for. 

We can strategize with your team to select the best CBD products and custom ingredients for your company’s needs, give you tips on best selling product types, and guide you on best practices for marketing CBD and hemp oil products to your customers both in person and online. 

Thanks to 15 years of experience, our in-house formulation team knows how to realize your company’s CBD vision with top quality products and loves a good challenge. From our very first meeting, our dedicated team will work with you directly to assist you in understanding the manufacturing process and realize your perfect CBD and hemp oil products. 

Our facilities are capable of handling any order, no matter how large or small, and we have you covered for sourcing top quality ingredients, too. We also take care of packaging and labeling, delivering you shelf ready products to save your team time and effort.

Come see why Nutralife Wellness Labs should be your CBD and hemp oil manufacturer

Nutralife Wellness Labs Can Help

Let us put our unrivaled industry experience to work for your company. Our team knows how to create products your customers will love. We also know what it takes to make sure they are consistent and safe to use. But just don’t take our word for it. All our products are tested for quality and safety by third party labs and developed by our experienced team of CBD industry experts

Come learn more about Nutralife Wellness Labs or reach out to us using our contact page or give us a call at 858-221-4676.